Entertainment ideas for corporate events

Entertainment ideas for corporate events: 10 creative suggestions


Corporate events are often associated with monotonous conversations with people we don’t know clichéd business speeches, and a primary focus on catering. It can also happen the other way around, especially in the luxury sector, where the expectations of audience’s expectations are increasingly high. It’s in this context that organisers need to break stereotypes and all employ their creative tools to surprise attendees with entertainment ideas for corporate events to distinguish a company from the competition.

Entertainment: critical to the success of an event

Any corporate event, be it a conference, a gala dinner, an awards ceremony or a private party, can (and should) have entertainment that gets the audience involved. Do not forget that what participants remember most from an event is their experience leaving a lasting impression is what makes companies really stand out.

10 creative ideas to entertain and involve participants

Depending on the profile of the organisers, their objectives, the public, the place and the budget, some of Empirance’s favourite ideas that will make attendees enjoy an event to the fullest are:

1. Live music concerts

Although this is more of classic idea than an original one, offering a live music concert is a wise choice for entertainment at most corporate events, since music is an art of universal enjoyment and can unite people from anywhere. Depending on the characteristics of each event we will choose one type of concert or another, from a soloist pianist or singer,-a quartet of string or a rock band. An orchestra is also a great way to add a touch of glamor to a classic event.

2. Interactive food and drink stations

Opting for interactive food and drink stations where guests can enjoy custimised cocktails, demonstrations of wine pairings or fresh sushi preparation can be a creative way to feed attendees and while surpising and entertaining them at the same time. One idea is a cocktail stop in where the attendees are taught to mix their favourite drinks, providing an easy-going environment to get conversation flowing.

3. Projections and augmented reality

Virtual reality is changing the way audiences participate at events, since it is a fun, exciting activity and is a powerful marketing tool for organisers or their sponsors, regardless of whether the company is large or small. There are many different virtual reality experiences, such as sightseeing, traveling in history, watching a broadcast show and much more while dining, chatting, actively participating, etc. All this is possible in small spaces, without large presentation screens or sophisticated equipment. If you have the budget and the time to organise it, you can even include holograms of people or figures at the event. The CEO of a company talking by himself is one idea that have been seen at some renowned events.

4. Product demonstration

Sometimes the organisers or one of their partners may be interested in promoting a product, or the corporate event itself is carried out for the launch of that product. In this case you can look for creative ways to make the presentation entertaining for attendees. An example could be organising a contest that instructs -participants during a speaker’s presentation -to tweet or upload to Instagram of the product demonstration with the hashtag of the event in exchange for a prize. Inviting a guest star who can interact with attendees is another good option.

5. Celebrity attendance

Hiring celebrities to be part of a corporate event’s entertainment is a good idea if you have sufficient budget (although some personalities have adjusted their rate due to the economic situation) and if you plan ahead in what sense their image can match that of the host and the event itself. Whether a famous comedian, athlete, singer, actor, etc., having the participation of a renowned person will leave an unforgettable mark on an event.

6. Art exhibition

Turning the space of a corporate event into one or several rooms of an itinerant museum is a delightful idea, since attendees can enjoy works they may not have been able to see otherwise.Relating the content of the exhibition to the host’s brand image, its objectives, the profile of its attendees, etc, could be a great idea.

7. Dance or acrobatics show

The success of shows like Riverdance or Cirque du Soleil has given rise to the incorporation of this type of entertainment experience into corporate events. Acrobats, contortionists and aerial artists, as well as theatrical dancers, or even urban forms of dance such as breakdance, accompanied by spectacular light shows, can give an event an unforgettable mystique. If you want to go further, you can even furnish an ice rink for an ice skating performance.

8. Thematic representations

Companies are becoming more flexible when it comes to incorporating new entertainment ideas into corporate events, such as live performances of scenes from a television series, movies and famous video games -think Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean or The Hunger Games. These performances usually permeate the event’s script, space and even the food food, so that everything is consistent, and the audience is immersed in an unforgettable experience.

9. Casino, Trivial and others

Gambling or board games are always a very effective way to keep attendees entertained, especially if the prizes the identity of the event. The Casino and the Pub Quiz are two of the most successful games at high-end events, which can be made even more entertaining if they involve a skilled speaker who adds flavour to the occasion. They’re also the perfect opportunity for the attendees to work together in small groups and avoid the coldness typical of corporate events.

10. Caricaturists, graffiti artists and other live artists

Whether it’s a show unto itself or a show while the event unfolds, the participation of a caricaturist who interacts with the guests, graffiti artists who do large-scale graffiti live or other artists is an exciting prospect. For example, a live mural or an ice sculptor who starts their working at the beginning of the event and ends at the closing can be a topic of conversation between attendees during and even after. In the case of caricaturists, their creations can be a fun memory to take away from the event.

Bonus. Drone flight

Companies that increase their budget to leave a lasting impression on attendees will benefit greatly from a drone show. This requires an appropriate location- and a lot of planning and legal permits, but it is unquestionably worthwhile. Some examples where drones were used to entertain the audience were the half time of the 2017 Super Bowl with Lady Gaga and the 100 drones that Intel put in the sky of different cities around the world in 2015 for a Guinness record.

A classic format should not limit creativity

Keep in mind that not just any entertainment is ideal for any corporate event, and is often dependent on the event’s profile or- the image of the host company or the venue, which is usually chosen in consideration of the capacity requirements, location, etc. A graffiti artist painting a mural, for example, will need a large space to do it; -a musical show will need certain acoustics and infrastructure; -and a thematic representation of a film, series or video game may not be suitable for all audiences, to list a few..

However, even the most classic events can (and should) be governed by creativity, as this is key to keeping attendees entertained and involved, -and will leave a lasting impression.That is why the best way to guarantee an outstanding entertainment experience for high-end corporate events is to put design and organization in the hands of a corporate event planner. We’ll make your company stand out from the rest.

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