Luxury corporate events in Barcelona

Corporate events that have been properly organised allow a company to improve its reputation, foster camaraderie, keep its staff up-to-date with the company and establish relationships that enable it to grow financially. At Empirance, we organize corporate events in Barcelona and all over the world, from informal meetings and annual events to trade fairs, galas and other special events, finding customised experiences according to the profile of each client, with the best thematic backdrop, locations and suppliers. As part of our commitment to excellence, we get the most out of our clients’ time and budget.

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We understand how important that day is to your company

In order for an event to be meaningful and memorable for guests and beneficial for the company's image—precisely what all corporate events aim to achieve—it must stand out from the rest. This can require a substantial investment of time and money, yet some companies don’t have the resources to capitalise on their investment and achieve top-quality results. Empirance is an agency that specialises in organising luxury events in Barcelona and worldwide, featuring a large creative team who knows the ins and outs of the best locations, is constantly innovating in terms of thematic areas and works with a wide range of top-quality domestic and international suppliers. Empirance guarantees that each event will be completely unique, tailored to the needs of the client and executed to highest greatest degree of success.

Corporate events in dream-like locations

Corporate events provide the perfect opportunity to discover new and exciting places that will motivate a company's workers and guests. According to each client’s profile, we propose locations that wouldn’t be accessible were it not for booking through an accredited event planner. We take care of everything (transport, welcoming, music, catering, accommodations, etc.). We’re experts in making your vision a reality.

Rural homesteads and cottages

Catalonia is a land of vineyards and beautiful rustic homesteads. These historical properties often date back several centuries. Hosting a corporate event in one of these complexes in regions like Penedès, Empordà or central Catalonia allows participants to enjoy wine and cava tastings and open-air activities like biking.

Boats, catamarans and yachts

Barcelona’s seaside location is perfect for planning spectacular events both in the harbour and on the high seas (journeys to the Balearic Islands and along the Costa Brava are some of the most in-demand options). Bring as many guests as you like for meetings, product presentations, celebrations, corporate incentives and much more.

Buildings of historical interest

Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia offer a wide range of unique buildings and spaces that are filled with history. For your event, consider settings like the Drassanes, the Casa Llotja de Mar, the modernist venue at the Hospital Sant Pau, the Camp Nou, the Castell de Peralada in Girona or the Freixenet winery. These places will bring untold added value to your customised corporate event, making it an unforgettable experience.

Bring added value to your events

One of the most significant benefits of hiring an event organisation company to plan your event, instead of doing it yourself, is that a company specialising in the luxury sector will always find the best way to bring added value to each event—hiring the best suppliers for each service (catering, Wi-Fi, sound, video, signage, etc.), accounting for the smallest details (i.e. a thoughtful gift for attendees, a personal touch, inspiring entertainment, etc.) and solving any issues that arise quickly and imperceptibly.

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Choose a creative theme as a backdrop

Haute cuisine

Our foodie clients love corporate events that explore the local gastronomy, as they give attendees the opportunity to discover a truly discover a destination. We recommend activities like cooking courses and exhibitions with renowned chefs, which sometimes take place in their very restaurants.

Wine and cava

Any epicure will surely appreciate an event that includes learning about local wines and cavas with designation of origin and sampling them at their source: the vineyards in Penedès, Empordà, la Terra Alta and many others.


Catalonia is an ideal setting for practising any type of sport, both in the city and in the mountains. We organise all kinds of team-building events in locations for skiing, golfing, biking, horseback riding, rafting and more.


One of the most exciting ways to bring life to a corporate event is by adding a music component to the programme. Put the finishing touch on an event by hosting an acclaimed musical group or singer. There are no limits: anything our clients can dream of, we can make happen.

Relaxation and personal care

Who said corporate events like seminars, meetings and fairs can’t be combined with relaxation time and personal care? Empirance organises corporate events in spas and resorts where you can enjoy thermal springs and massages.

8 reasons why Empirance should handle your corporate events

  • You'll save time.
  • You'll save money.
  • You'll avoid stress.
  • You’ll be covered to the last detail.
  • You’ll be better organised.
  • You’ll gain quality and creativity.
  • You’ll be sure of a unique event.
  • You’ll have expert guidance at your disposal.

The stages of planning corporate events

1. Concept design

This first stage is for getting to know the company’s identity and expectations, no matter how big or small. We’ll submit questions and proposals to be considered and discussed with the client, who’ll be able to see how the event begins to take shape.

2. Choosing a location

The next stage of the planning process involves choosing a location, because the luxury character and the subsequent stages depend on where the event will take place and its requirements (attendees, budget, etc.). At Empirance, we have a large selection of the finest locations worldwide to choose from, or we can handle the reservation of any location the client wants.

3. Design and planning

During this stage, we carefully plan each detail of the event according to the company's preferences and goals and we give it unique features that fit the company’s identity, choosing services (catering, internet, image, sound, etc.) and adding details that make the difference (perhaps live music by a renowned singer or band, an individualized gastronomic experience, a special artistic exhibition ...), handling legal procedures (regulations, taxes, etc.) and negotiating with the right suppliers. What’s more, we’re available for any unforeseen request you may have.

4. Execution

This stage, which includes promoting the event, is key to garnering positive feedback from the participants and ensuring a successful event. We handle the welcoming (accreditations, new invites, etc.), individual attention for participants and more. We keep an eye on each and every detail so that we can make sure any unexpected issue is resolved smoothly.

Corporate events organised by Empirance

  • Informal events (meetings, lunches, etc.)
  • Conferences
  • Congresses
  • Exhibitions
  • Galas
  • Corporate incentives

You’ll only need to focus on capitalising on the event

When organising a corporate event, if you have to keep track of everything all at once, you can’t be focused on what’s really important during an event: networking, public relations and having a good time (having a bite to eat or chatting with colleagues). You can’t be in two places at once—with Empirance, you won’t need to. We take care of everything so that you can get all the benefits from an event.

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