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Team building in Barcelona

At Empirance Events, we organise team building activities in Barcelona that exceed the expectations of the companies that hire us: making employees feel that they don’t work for the company, but rather are part of it, thanks to activities that foster comradery and employee identification with the company. This way, workers can achieve the business goals laid out by the company, since much of the workload is carried out in teams, and the relationship between the people who make up these teams must be excellent to ensure productivity.

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How do we see team building at Empirance?

Undoubtedly, there is significant consensus that team building activities are a way to foster teamwork and a healthy corporate culture, as well as identify roles, develop skills and promote creativity. Nevertheless, not all plans bring about the same results, especially when they’re not tailored to the company.

Tackling a leadership problem is not the same as correcting a lack of communication between group members or working on conflict resolution. In the same vein, a good result won’t be achieved if the employees don’t feel drawn to the activity..

Empirance designs and executes customised team building activities in Barcelona through identifying the company's objectives and the lowest common denominator in the tastes and preferences of the team.

Types of team building activities that we design at Empirance

The challenge

Surpass goals and have all company members enjoy themselves and learn from each other.

The contest

Compete and display talent through singing, dancing, performing magic or cooking.


Escaping the daily routine and disconnecting from work to share unforgettable experiences together.

The importance of motivation in a team

Team building encourages communication between employees to boost trust and comradery. It improves team spirit and employee motivation, which is directly reflected in worker productivity and company revenue. At Empirance, we take care of organising tailored team building experiences in Barcelona that adapt to the needs and objectives of each company.

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The most creative and successful team building themes in Barcelona

For athletes

For athletes

For music lovers

For the foodiest foodies

For the daring

For city slickers

What do we take into account when customising each team building experience in Barcelona?

  • Your company's goals.
  • The amount of time you have.
  • The number of people you’ll be.
  • Open air or indoor spaces.
  • How active you want to be.
  • Innovative or classic ideas.
  • Fostering team spirit.
  • Letting your imagination fly.

Are you considering organizing a team building in Barcelona or somewhere else in Spain or Europe?

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